“Her reiki treatments are relaxing, warm and magical”

“Lindsay's teaching style is very welcoming and inviting. Using a trauma informed approach, she always stresses body positivity and that we should strive for shapes that we feel comfortable in and are most useful to us at that moment, while making sure that we do not risk injury. Her workshops are informative and educational, teaching women about their energetic connection to nature. Her Reiki treatments at Loom in Bushwick are relaxing, warm and magical. I have experienced a lot of healing from just a few sessions. I highly recommend joining a class or workshop if you have previously felt vulnerable or uncomfortable working out around others.”

“After yoga or Reiki with Lindsay, I feel physical relief from the emotional tension I carry”

“I recommend Lindsay as a yoga teacher and healer to anyone seeking personal growth and relief from anxiety, stress, and trauma through yoga and energy work. I enjoy my sessions with her so much that I prefer to work with her over Skype than to find a local healer! Lindsay is still able to facilitate a yoga session as well as anyone can in person, and I appreciate the scheduling flexibility and customization that comes from 1:1 online sessions with her. The primary reason I am a dedicated client to Lindsay is her background in trauma. Lindsay is able to design a yoga program specific to my emotional needs. After yoga or Reiki with Lindsay, I feel physical relief from the emotional tension I carry and that makes her irreplaceable to me. I recommend Lindsay to all of my friends and will continue to work with her for years to come!" 

"Working with Lindsay was like a breath of fresh air”

“I'm a body therapist by trade and am very particular about the kind of work I receive. Lindsay's demeanor is very open, gentle and kind. I immediately felt at ease when we began working together, and I can trust her with my deeper healing processes. In the 6 months that I have been seeing her, the work continues to exceed my expectations in how gentle and nurturing it is, precisely where and when I need it most. Between Reiki, the combination of restorative yoga with Reiki and her intuitive healing I am confident that Lindsay can ease whatever is ailing me from doing bodywork every day. I'm so glad I found her!"


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