Private Sessions


Wild Womb Guidance

1 hour Skype - $50
1 hour In-Person - $75

These sessions focuses on your womb’s connection to lunar and seasonal energies and syncing your life with your cycle. It can cover topics such as the biology behind your entire menstrual cycle, how to identify each phase, self-care for your whole cycle, and much more depending on your interests.



Vaginal Steaming

Intake + Consultation - $75
Intake + Consultation + In-Home Setup - $111

Vaginal steaming is an ancient self-care practice that women have utilized all over the world, which can be used as an alternative form of care for many menstrual cycle issues. This consultation will teach you how to set up your own steam station at home that is safe and healthy for your body.



Reiki + Crystal Healing

1 hour - $95
Sessions Held In Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Reiki (ray-key) is an energetic healing practice that originated in Japan, which translates as 'universal life-force energy.' In a Reiki session, life-force energy from the environment is channeled through the practitioner's palms and into your body either through light touch or by floating their palms right above you.



Yoga For Your Womb Cycle

Yoga for menstruation Single Session - $95
yoga for your whole cycle (Consultation + 4 sessions) - $400

The yoga for menstruation single session address contraindications for menstruation and guides you in developing a safe home yoga practice for while your bleeding. The package and consultation explores how to structure a yoga practice at each phase of your menstrual cycle by learning the most nourishing practices at each phase.



Trauma-Informed Yoga

1 hour - $95

Trauma-Informed yoga emphasizes making choices in your movements based on the sensations you feel in your body. Invitatory cues are used rather than directives, there are no hands-on assists, and Lindsay will practice with you to create a shared experience. Please keep in mind that this is not a treatment for trauma, but rather a space for you to explore your mind and body without having to tell your story.